Confluence of Experiences

Experiential Design, Interaction Design, Interactive, Planning, Theory, Thesis

In thinking further about my thesis, I have taken a step back, and have been doing a lot of thinking about the nature of the project. From the start, I have wanted this project to be about expanding the definition of Interaction Design and Experiential Design.

To me, these ideas have been limited by the creativity of designers and artists. For the most part, they have existed solely to display technology and advancements. It is akin to tricks of a street corner magician. Entertaining for a moment, but rather unmemorable and having no lasting impact.

I started to look at the various aspects that will be brought in and have an affect upon the Monomyth as an experience. I divided them into the loose and broad categories of Art / Design / Architecture, Computer Programming, Social & Psychological, and Education. In the accompanying diagram to this post, I have begun to analyze the interaction between these various components, and list some concrete examples of how they manifest in experiences.

At the center of this confluence is The Monomyth. The experience of the hero journey via the interactive installation brings together all these spheres into one place. It is unlike any showing previously, as the experience is designed towards human connection.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.