Refining Ideas and Thesis Deliverables


Where I’m At

I have been doing some extensive research into the possibility of developing an actual cave prototype. In discussions with my Thesis adviser, he commented that I need to keep focus on the design aspect and not become sidetracked by the technology issues. I have taken this to heart and after a great deal of additional investigation, have determined that such an endeavor would likely be outside of the scope of a Design thesis. However, the research is still extremely valid as it proves the proof-of-concept. So it is not fully lost or time that has not been well spent. It certainly helped me to refine my ideas, and find a way to make them more concrete. What I can now begin to do is focus my attention to the actual pieces that will comprise the design of an exhibit.

Interactive Exhibit Design

Things to Consider

In development of a full exhibit design there are a number of factors that need to be addressed and considered before design and development of artifacts can take place:

  • Audience – What is the target audience and demographic?
  • What are the best ways to engage various demographic segments?
  • Can we develop writing styles that will engage all types of readers?
  • Elements – What types of interactive elements will be used? What non-interactive elements will be used?
  • How can the ideas of the exhibit be expressed via visual design?
  • Can we develop various design systems that work together for exhibit branding, wayfinding, interactive elements, souvenirs.

Potential Deliverables

Interactive Display
  • User Personnas
  • Exhibit Contextual Design Research – Observation, Surveys & Documentation
  • Design Ideations – Sketches, Wireframes, Moodboards
  • Typography and Accessibility study of short throw projection on various screen materials.
  • One (1) Early prototype that is used for testing and refinement.
  • Test results from prototype compiled, reviewed & documented
  • One (1) fully functional and coded interactive informational display
Exhibit Design Guide
  • Color Palette
  • Logo Design & Usage
  • Typography
  • Wayfinding
  • UI Elements
  • Interaction Design
  • Merchandise
Film & Motion Graphics
  • Short film / motion graphic demonstration of interactive physical interface.
  • Projection of interface demo film / motion graphic
  • Paper exhibit model

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