Prototype Design Ideation


Motion Tracking & Candle ‘Illumination’

After doing some additional research on various technologies, I have settled on using Open CV for motion tracking of participants as they move through the exhibit. In this way, as participants move, their locations can be tracked and the game engine can respond with appropriate lighting as they move. In this way, the cave can be dark, but when participants move closer to the cave walls, it will be illuminated by a faint “candle” similar in intensity to the ones used by Upper Paleolithic cave painters. I found a number of Open CV tutorials on YouTube by Kyle Hounslow and have been working to try and get those operational using only a simple webcamera. Luckily there are a number of open source MIT Licensed repositories on GitHub. In addition, there are also a number of Tutorials on integrating Open CV into a game engine like Unity.

Creating a Touch Screen

YouTube is amazing. You can find just about any DIY project on there, including one about how to create your own touchscreen using plexiglas, a wood frame, Infrared (IR) Lights, an IR camera, and a projector. I modified this a bit further and added white semi-translucent textured fabric I picked up from Jo-Ann’s. I need to take some videos to demonstrate once I get the back end code working properly.

Integrating in Unity

Unity is a game engine that can be used to create any type of environment (say, for example, a cave with Upper Paleolithic art). Unity can also be used with Open CV as well as a DIY touch screen, which can then be mapped to a physical environment using a projection mapping software such as Resolume.




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