Like Sands Through the Hour Glass…


So I was very productive this summer. I did a number of arduino projects and did a lot of additional reading and research on Joseph Campbell and made some significant updates. One of the books I finished reading was ‘The Mind in the Cave: Consciousness and the Origins of Art’ by David Lewis-Williams. The book presents an excellent  study into the background and possible social implications of cave painting and suggests some meanings for the activity of cave painting in upper neolithic societies.

At the end of the summer, I was ready to head back to school full time to continue my program and dive headlong into more thesis research and refining my proposal.

As it happened, I was recruited by a local software company for a User Experience position. It was a position and offer that was too good to pass up – so I am now working full time and I am taking two classes at RIT part-time. While this puts my formal Thesis work on hold for a bit, I will certainly continue to push forward with it in addition to my other coursework, career work, and everything else in my life.

I will likely return back to this as things develop more, but for now, I will take a bit of a break from it.


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